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About Barretts Leisure

It is said that “patience is a virtue”. When checking the dictionary for the meaning of “virtue” we got “morally good”. 
we strongly believe that over the 50 years of running our business, it has stood the test of time because of our patience and care that we impart to every one of our customers. 
As to being “morally good” I feel that we would best leave that to be judged by others. 
I am sure people would much rather do business with a “morally good” company, than otherwise. 

But being nice to our customers, in our view, isn’t enough for successful business relationships. 
There is a process of education that we have had to go through for ourselves and our customers. 

With modern technology that seems to change and improve in a much faster way than it did 20-30 years ago, we have to keep abreast of what is on the horizon. 
We are frequently involved in listening to technical representatives who are working for the manufacturers who supply us. 
Often the conversations become quite technical and we really do have to ensure that we have a clear understanding of all the new technical advances that are presented to us. 
Being “in the trade” as it were, we are more likely to absorb that kind of knowledge fairly quickly. 
But what about our poor customer? It’s the customer that is really important here. 
It is the customer that needs to know about all the improvements. It is also the customer that does not want to be blinded by science and technical jargon. 

We therefore have another challenge that we need to take on and succeed in mastering that challenge otherwise all is lost. 
It is the challenge of translating this technical jargon (that is often full of features presented by the technical representative) into the language of benefits to you - the customer. 
Many of our competitors just do not know how to do that. They just read out the technical blurb and if they cannot understand it they will either be “morally good” and say they cannot understand it, or, if they are not “morally good” will come up with some kind of explanation to pull the wool over one’s eyes. 

Here is where we like to be different. We question our technical manufacturing representatives to the point that we not only fully understand what is being shown to us but, more importantly, understand everything sufficiently well to establish what additional benefits are associated with products that we are going to supply. 

Sometimes we refuse to stock products if we feel that there are no additional benefits to our customers. 
There are so many products on the market today that are full of gadgets but do not benefit the customer any more than usual. We also check the quality of the products that we are asked to supply. 
There are many occasions when such products are rejected because we do not want customers complaining to us of items that are sub-standard or easily breakable etc.

The Gardening industry with all the accessories have a glut of new products and gadgets coming out every year. 
Whilst it is quite challenging at times to have to listen to so many competing manufacturers, there are times when it does become quite exciting when we are privy to a genuine breakthrough of a product that is going to create that “Wow” factor and sweep the nation with its innovation. 

This has been our formula for over 50 years. There is no secret to it. Our steady growth over this time is testament enough to confirm that we appear to have been doing it right. Even more so when we get a second generation of our customers recommended to us by their parents or even grandparents. It is a humbling experience and, for us, it is privilege to continue serving the nation with the same caring approach that we have always had starting from our very first customer. 
We pride ourselves in treating every customer as if they were our very first. 

At Geenhouses UK we really do have a genuine wish to satisfy you and we will always go the extra mile to maintain our highly regarded status within the industry. Good communication makes good business sense. 

Give us a try and contact Roy on Tel; 01945 405 155


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